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ASME certified
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MMLJ, Inc. builds the full line of Pressure Blast Cleaning Machines. These machines cover the full blast media spectrum for virtually all industries.


Sanstorm was born in 1941 when F.H. Roselle patented his creation, the Abrasive Blasting Machine.

In 1994 Sanstorm was purchased by manufacturing company MMLJ. MMLJ, manufactures Sanstorm, SodaBlast Systems and the revolutionary new Dustless Blasters. MMLJ blasters are the most capable versatile commercial grade blasters available. From soluble abrasives to aggressive media and now adding water and rust inhibitor, MMLJ has you covered.

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MMLJ, Inc.
The original manufacturer of blast equipment, and still the only to offer a lifetime warranty on tank assemblies. Built in America with quality first patent 1941

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