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manufactured in the USA  |  Since 1941  |  Lifetime warranty on tank assemblies

Dustless Blasting®

Introducing our newest and most advanced blasting technology.
See the future of surface preparation.


Strip Surfaces Faster


Use Less Media


Suppress the Dust Plume

"It's the real deal! Never have I seen paint, powder coating and even chrome get stripped as fast as it did."


Our History

1941 Sanstorm is Born
1946 Patents Received
1970 Moved to Texas
1986 Air Liquide
1994 MMLJ Purchase
2009 Research and Development
2010 Dustless Blasting® Manufacturing
2011 First Use In Commerce
2015 Patent Received
2018 Support Systems

Sanstorm was born
Sanstorm was born in 1941 when F.H. Roselle patented his creation, the Abrasive Blasting Machine. 1941 first patent FH Roselle Abrasive Blasting Machine

More patents
The company had formed in Fresno, California as Myers Welding & Fabrication. In that same year, Bill Myers received a patent for the critical piece of the sandblasting technology — the control valve — and from there, the company took off!
Bill Myers received yet another patent on the wet head adapter in 1955.

Moved to Houston, TX
The company grew and moved to Houston, Texas, where the company and manufacturing remain to this day. inside of MMLJ dustless blasting warehouse

Air Liquide
Air Liquide purchased Sanstorm and Bowen Tools.
Air Liquide logo

MMLJ purchases Sanstorm
Sanstorm was purchased by MMLJ, who was focusing on other developments, SodaBlasting. SodaBlast Systems was launched while Sanstorm customers were supported. MMLJ Logo

R&D begins
Development, prototyping, and testing begins on Dustless Blasting® equipment. This new wet abrasive blasting system is faster than traditional sandblasting, uses less media, and suppresses the plume of dust.

Manufacturing begins
MMLJ begins manufacturing Dustless Blasting® equipment.

First use in commerce
Dustless Blasting® equipment is first used in commerce, with patent pending.

Patent is received
MMLJ receives patent for Dustless Blasting® equipment.

Support Systems
MMLJ launches the Dustless Blasting® Online Store, and the Dustless Blasting® Academy to further support their customers.


Made in the USA with pride.

Since 1941, MMLJ has been pioneering abrasive blasting equipment.



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